Sausage fun

Totally Hypothetical Female: "Chris!"

Totally Hypothetical Male: "Yo."

THF: "What part or parts of your body, exactly, did you use my washcloth on?"

THM: "Honey, before I answer that, are you aware that the shamans of the Sussudio tribe from Papua-New Guinea prize hairs from the buttocks of middle-aged men for their many therapeutic properties?"

THF: "I know you think you're hilarious, but you're not."

THM: "Are you sure?"

THF: "Get your own goddamned washcloth."

Splain, please

Can someone please explain to me why Hillary Clinton is the "experienced" candidate? OK, she's been in the Senate longer than Barack, but he's been an elected official longer than she has. She was First Lady. I'm married to an architect. Want me to design your hospital? And on what will be the key issue in the general election, the Iraq war, her "experience" is that she voted to authorize the damn thing.

I really don't get it.